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Most of us take the food service industry for granted. You count on being able to walk into a restaurant and order a nice meal. You depend on the cafeteria at work when you forget to pack your lunch, and you depend on your child's school kitchen to supply them with lunch. But the food service industry is more complex and nuanced than most people realize. The workers have to know how to prepare various dishes, place orders with suppliers, and store food effectively. You can learn more about these practices and also gain more general insight into the food industry as you read the articles on this blog.


Serve Mexican Food At Your Family Reunion

15 July 2020
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If you are in charge of one or all of the meals at your family reunion, think of preparing Mexican food. Blend traditional dishes with those that might not be familiar. If you are a good cook and you enjoy cooking for others, prepare the food yourself. Otherwise, consider arranging for meal delivery from a Mexican food restaurant.  Start With Appetizers - Mexican tortilla chips and salsa are easy to serve and most people enjoy them. Read More …

4 Ways Meal Prep Delivery Will Make Your Life Better

6 July 2020
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Trying to eat well when you're busy can be very difficult. Many people struggle with finding enough time to make good meals at home whole also balancing their schoolwork, work responsibilities, and family needs. If you're struggling with this, you may find that you grab fast food or takeout too often. This can make you feel sluggish, and it can lead to weight gain and other health problems if you continue to do this all the time. Read More …