4 Food Manufacturing Equipment Solutions

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4 Food Manufacturing Equipment Solutions

22 June 2022
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The food industry helps consumers obtain the food they need for survival and enjoyment. Many commercial kitchens belong to restaurants that prepare hot meals for immediate consumption. However, food manufacturing also represents a significant portion of the food industry. If you'd like to manufacture products for public consumption, you'll need the right certifications and equipment. Here are four food manufacturing equipment solutions that can help you streamline your food manufacturing process safely and effectively:

1. Cutting Equipment

Food preparation typically represents a significant labour investment. Hand-chopping ingredients may be feasible for restaurants and cafes, but at large scales, they can become untenable. Food manufacturing equipment suppliers offer cutting equipment that can handle large jobs. You can find cutting equipment designed for a variety of tasks, from slicing vegetables and meats to dicing ingredients. You can even find cutting equipment suitable for pureeing and mincing ingredients very finely.

2. Ovens

Once food has been prepared, it must often be cooked. Consumer ovens are too small for food manufacturing. Even typical commercial ovens can only handle a few batches of food at a time. Food manufacturing ovens are large enough to hold several trays of food. Some ovens even feature conveyor belts to move food through the heating elements at an ideal pace, which can allow for constant food production. Food manufacturing ovens can be used to bake, broil, and even dehydrate food.

3. Extruders

Extruders are another type of food manufacturing equipment commonly used in food production. Extruders can be used to make sausages, hot dogs, and other foods contained in casings. Extruders can also be used for baked goods and frozen treats. Food manufacturing extruders typically contain cutting elements that ensure that each extruded portion of food is the correct shape and size. This type of equipment can lower your labour costs by eliminating the need to hand-shape products.

4. Food Packaging Equipment

Finally, food manufacturing equipment providers offer food packaging equipment to customers. Food packaging equipment can help you present your products in attractive and safe packaging. You can easily box, bag, and vacuum seal food products using the right machinery. Like all food manufacturing equipment, food packaging devices are designed to be sanitary and easy to clean to prevent the risk of foodborne illnesses and contamination.

These are just four types of food manufacturing equipment that can help you create delicious, affordable products for consumers. Food manufacturing equipment can improve your sanitization while reducing the time and money it takes to create your products. For more information, visit a website such as dominionautomation.com.