Try An Order Of Chilaquiles For Breakfast Or Brunch

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Try An Order Of Chilaquiles For Breakfast Or Brunch

28 February 2023
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While you might have experience with all sorts of Mexican fare that is commonly eaten for lunch and dinner, it can be fun to find an authentic Mexican eatery that is also open for the first meal of the day. If you're unacquainted with Mexican breakfast dishes, it can be fun to check out the menu and order something that you know will thoroughly fill you for the day ahead. One option that you'll often find is chilaquiles, which are a staple of Mexican morning cuisine. You can order this dish for yourself, but you might also enjoy ordering it and something else to split with your dining companion. Here are some things to know about chilaquiles. 


When it comes to the base, chilaquiles may have a similar look to other Mexican dishes that you've enjoyed in the past. The base of this dish features corn chips that are typically cut into a triangle shape — much in the same manner as various nacho dishes that are popular. Unlike nacho dishes that have cheese melted directly onto the chips, this dish has salsa on the chips to give them a slightly soft consistency. Depending on which restaurant you visit, you'll often have the choice of what color of salsa you want and how spicy you want it to be.


There are all sorts of tasty toppings that appear on your chips and salsa when you order chilaquiles. The toppings will often vary from restaurant to restaurant, but some items are common. When it comes to sources of protein, expect to see one or more types of beans and cheese. There are additional dairy-based toppings, including sour cream and queso. Some chilaquiles orders also feature such ingredients as onions, cilantro, and avocado. The latter provides a source of healthy fats that can help you feel full.


Eggs are a central component of any chilaquiles order, which helps to give this dish a breakfast feel. Without the eggs, it may simply remind you of a platter of nachos. Different restaurants will often give you the choice of how you want your eggs. For example, two common options are to have a fried or scrambled egg. The latter is especially popular, and you'll typically be able to choose whether you want one or more eggs based on your appetite.

Visit a Mexican food restaurant for breakfast or brunch to experience this dish.