3 Reasons To Add A Touchless Water Station To Your Vacation Rental Property

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3 Reasons To Add A Touchless Water Station To Your Vacation Rental Property

22 April 2022
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If you own a city-based vacation rental property, then you want to provide guests with amenities that will attract them to the property and offer a lot of convenience. One of the options you can add is a touchless water station. Touchless water stations for cities offer compact solutions for water and come with many benefits for vacation property rentals.

Check out some of the benefits and why you should consider the addition of a touchless water kiosk for cities to your vacation property.

1. Reduce Plastic Waste

When people go on vacation, they may naturally purchase water bottles to consume during the trip. The plastic waste can quickly add up, especially as each new visitor creates more and more waste. One way to reduce excess plastic waste is with a touchless water kiosk. Advertise the kiosk to guests and even provide reusable bottles for them to use on their vacation.

The extra perk and reduction in waste will help reduce the carbon footprint of your vacation rental and cater to travelers who seek a more environmentally friendly location.

2. Reduce City Water Bills

A touchless water kiosk uses its own water tanks. Chances are, your vacation rental in the city will likely use city water. Reduce the amount of your city water bill when you offer the water kiosk. Along with drink refills, you can recommend the water use for cooking. For example, a person who stays at the rental may rely on some of the water for use in boiling pasta.

The reduction in city water use will help save you money and eliminate extra waste on city resources.

3. International Travelers

If your rental is catered towards international travelers, then a water kiosk can provide many direct benefits. A water kiosk provides clean and filtered water that removes any excess ingredients. When someone travels from a different country, their body may not be used to the localized water.

When you offer a clean water option, you can cater directly to those travelers and showcase a little extra care for the property. Every unit has direct text you can use to detail how the water is filtered and cleaned. For example, a kiosk may have extra filters and an advanced purification process to ensure the water is properly cleaned and delivered fresh.

Once you add a water kiosk to your properties, you can tout the benefits and the whole kiosk is relatively maintenance-free. The initial investment can help pay-off in the long run and provide a unique feature of your city property. Look into touchless water stations for cities to get more information.