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Most of us take the food service industry for granted. You count on being able to walk into a restaurant and order a nice meal. You depend on the cafeteria at work when you forget to pack your lunch, and you depend on your child's school kitchen to supply them with lunch. But the food service industry is more complex and nuanced than most people realize. The workers have to know how to prepare various dishes, place orders with suppliers, and store food effectively. You can learn more about these practices and also gain more general insight into the food industry as you read the articles on this blog.


Try An Order Of Chilaquiles For Breakfast Or Brunch

28 February 2023
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While you might have experience with all sorts of Mexican fare that is commonly eaten for lunch and dinner, it can be fun to find an authentic Mexican eatery that is also open for the first meal of the day. If you're unacquainted with Mexican breakfast dishes, it can be fun to check out the menu and order something that you know will thoroughly fill you for the day ahead. One option that you'll often find is chilaquiles, which are a staple of Mexican morning cuisine. Read More …