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Most of us take the food service industry for granted. You count on being able to walk into a restaurant and order a nice meal. You depend on the cafeteria at work when you forget to pack your lunch, and you depend on your child's school kitchen to supply them with lunch. But the food service industry is more complex and nuanced than most people realize. The workers have to know how to prepare various dishes, place orders with suppliers, and store food effectively. You can learn more about these practices and also gain more general insight into the food industry as you read the articles on this blog.


Fun Ways To Set Your Pizza Restaurant Apart

8 July 2021
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In many towns, pizza restaurants are a dime a dozen. This is no surprise since many people love pizza. However, if you are the owner of one of these restaurants, you may be struggling to set your restaurant apart from the competition. How can you ensure customers recognize your restaurant as separate from all the other pizza restaurants? Here are some fun ideas. Make your pizzas an unusual shape An easy way to set your pizza restaurant apart is to make your pizzas in an atypical shape. Read More …